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5 Best Baby Apps for New Parents

5 Best Baby Apps for New Parents

These are the best baby apps for new parents!

Post last updated: September 13, 2021

If you are a new parent these apps could help!

The Bump

The Bump informs expected mothers about their pregnancy on a daily basis. It offers community and expert advice, and fun competitions like baby name competitions, “how big is your baby” size comparisons, and a place to take week-by-week photos of your baby.

Glow Baby

The Glow Baby brings some much needed help and organization to the lives of new parents. It lets the user log info related to feedings, solid foods, diaper changes, naps and more.

There is also a major community there and intercommunal support is expected.


This app offers tips for parent-child activities tailored to the baby’s age, and physical condition for all babies between 0 and 3. Parents can keep track of developmental milestones and have an idea of what their baby is thinking about.

The Wonder Weeks

This is one of the best apps to track a baby’s development. Parents can figure out why their baby is experiencing certain moods, about what their baby may experience or how they may act during each major development ‘leap’ and ways to stimulate the baby.


Being new parents can be a tough and sometimes socially isolating experience. Peanut helps parents find other parents who may be in a similar situation, local parents can meet and chat with each other, or join large groups.



Andrea is a freelance writer, and now she is a new parent. She shares some of the best tips and tricks on how to manage newly found parenthood!