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The Best Productivity Apps

The Best Productivity Apps

Improve your productivity with these apps!

Post last updated: September 13, 2021

3 Apps to Keep You Engaged!


Toggl’s biggest advantage is that it offers reliable time tracking for better, and more efficient work. This app also works very well for teams and individuals with features to cater to both. Best part is that it’s free to use!


The meaning is already in the name. This is a very straightforward ‘to-do list’ app that lets you enable subtasks, priorities, recurring tasks, and more. The basic version is free, and there are also paid memberships available.


Over 125,000 companies are already using Monday! It’s totally customizable and meets all the needs and requirements that individuals or teams would need. Whether you are looking for sales, marketing, project management, or other departments you can find it.



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